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#1 Website Spokespeople

  • Includes

  • Spokesperson
  • Proprietary Player
  • Flash and HTML5
  • Mobile Friendly


Walkon Spokesperson Example - 'Cafemaster'
Walkon Spokesperson Example - 'Found Your Money'
Walkon Spokesperson Example - 'Eggsclusive Partners'
Walkon Spokesperson Example - 'Tele Med'
Walkon Spokesperson Example - 'Dive Center'
Walkon Spokesperson Example - 'USA Insurance'

#2 Advanced Video Presentations

  • Includes

  • Spokesperson
  • Professional Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Images and Effects
  • Custom Sound

#3 Whiteboard Video

  • Includes

  • Collaborative Scripting
  • Creative Storyboarding
  • Custom Drawing
  • Custom Sound
  • Professional Voice-Over

#4 Animation Video

  • Video Includes

  • Collaborative Scripting
  • Creative Storyboarding
  • Custom Drawing
  • Professional Voice-Over
  • Show your Product or Service
  • Explain Step-by-Step

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Our leads have increased by 500%. Literally 5 times the what we were getting before on a daily basis. Consistent, high quality leads. Thank you for creating videos that get our web visitors to convert to actionable leads.

Brian Azouz

Website Spokesperson

Website Spokesperson

There are numerous terms to describe a Website Spokesperson

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You 've seen them previously. These are people who greet you and introduce a company' products and services whenever you explore their website.Your video spokesperson, called a virtual actor or actress, is essentially an online video with spokesperson overlaid together with a site 's subject product. Rather of reading plain text, which can get uninteresting for several, these spokesperson generally walk you through whatever you need to understand and keep your attention for a lot longer than the simple articles.

Think about them as not dissimilar to the presenters you observe on Television.When they 're communicating suggestions, news updates, messages or aiming to offer you a completely brand-new item, their task is always to hold your attention and persuade that you give what they' re using an attempt.Not a simple task thinking about the brief attention period that many people have!This are probably the reasons selecting the most proper actor or actress with the task is essential.

These are individuals who welcome you and present a business' products whenever you explore their website. Your video spokesperson, also known as a virtual spokesperson, is basically an online video with spokesperson} overlaid along with a website's subject product. Believe of them as not different to the speakers you observe on TV.


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